If You’re Sad and You Know It, Smile

Yes really! We can control how we respond to situations. Our actions can change how we feel. It is hard to believe and sometimes we don’t want to believe it because we like to feel sorry for ourselves but we have to get out of that habit. If you are sad, feeling down, feeling depressed just try to smile. 🙂 I love smiling. As I sit here writing this it makes me smile. It feels funny when you are miserable and you make yourself smile for no reason but just the action of smiling will make you feel at least a little better.

Watch your posture too, when you are feeling bad about yourself for whatever reason, most people tend to slouch. It is like we wish we had a turtle shell and we could just pull our head in and hide. Sitting up straight and holding your head high just makes you feel better. Practice positive self talk while you are doing these things too. Be sure to tell yourself you are beautiful, you are strong, you are worthy and anything else that is positive that you want to remember or come to believe about yourself. This is how we change our negative self-talk and increase our joy.

If you are feeling lazy, guilty or negative and you can’t put your finger on the reason, put on your shoes and go for a walk outside. It doesn’t matter if you have on workout clothes, just going for even a short walk will give you some energy and make you feel better. When I sit at home on the weekend and don’t open the curtains and blinds and just sit around, I usually end up feeling very depressed. When I had my little boy and was home all the time on maternity leave, I was more depressed when I just stayed inside. Don’t get me wrong, depression is a real thing and I have relied on prescription antidepressants (and anxiety medications when needed) to get me through my struggles, but I have found that while my medicine helps me, if I don’t get up and out and do things, I still feel miserable.

Give it a try. When feeling sad, try going for a walk and smiling. Try holding your head high and using good posture. Tell yourself positive things to reinforce your personal strength and well-being.

The Only Way Out Is Through

Robert Frost is quoted as saying “The only way out is through”. Fear is what keeps people from doing most things that will move them closer to the life they truly desire. The only way out is through is a fantastic reminder that you can’t completely avoid fear. When you are stuck in the throws of fear, push forward, keep moving and eventually you will move through the fear.

Fear is a survival instinct that was very much relevant to humans in the past, however is not nearly as integral to our survival in today’s world. Quite the opposite, now fear prevents us from living. Many of us are conditioned to completely avoid anything perceived as risky, untraditional, or out of the ordinary. Where does that get us? Spending years doing things we do not like, feeling miserable, overeating to comfort the emptiness we feel in life, etc. That is not how God intended us to live. If we are not using our God-given strengths and talents, not following the desires of our heart, we are not serving this beautiful world we live in.

You must believe in yourself and move past fear to create the life you desire. Fear regret more than fearing failure! You have the capacity to create the life you desire.

Mindy Hope
Your Life Design Coach