Progress Over Perfection

When working toward a goal progress is crucial.  Without progress you either stay the same or start to go backward.   Achieving those things that are important to you is all about CONSISTENCY.  Consistency is not about perfection, it’s about progress!!!  I’ve struggled with this for many years and it can be very frustrating and defeating when you realize that you are the reason you do not have the body, the job, the health, etc. that you want.

It is important to ask yourself “Why am I not being consistent in the areas that I say are important to me?”  WARNING: it’s time for a deep dig within yourself :).

Grab your journaling notebook and a pretty pen that you enjoy writing with… maybe even a box of tissues (or a roll of toilet paper :)).

Start with these questions:

Why am I not being consistent in the areas that I say are important to me?

What is getting in my way?

How can I change my schedule or rework my day and week to work in planned time to focus solely on the next step that will move me forward?

What are the benefits that you or others would experience if you took consistent action toward this goal?

Who can help you with this?

Once you have journaled and figured out some steps that will result in progress find an accountability partner.  Maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your best friend and y’all both have a goal of wanting to workout on a regular basis so that you’re healthier and happier with your body.  Do what works for you but make sure this accountability partner will actually help you be more consistent in the actions that will help you reach your goals.  My sister and I joke that we are not good at helping each other achieve our goals because we just want each other to be happy 🙂 “yeah drink that soda”.  🙂  I suggest establishing a weekly call or meeting with your accountability partner so that there is a scheduled time each week to address where you can further improve and just as importantly to celebrate your successes and the progress you made!

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