I’m Not Ready

Where are you in your life right now?  Are you currently unhappy with your job but need it to pay your bills?  Are you a stay at home mom and don’t feel like you have the skills you need to get a job outside the home that you want?  Do you feel like you do not know enough to pursue the path that will lead you to where you want to be?

You’ll probably never feel ready to take the steps to get out of your comfort zone.  To make progress and move toward the life of your dreams, JUST START.  You do not have to take a drastic leap and quit your job tomorrow to pursue your dream full time (I don’t recommend that).  But there are definitely some small steps you can take which have no negative repercussions and will move your closer to your goal and make you feel great about yourself for taking action.  It is much easier to take small steps while you are still working in your job that pays your bills.  Don’t be scared, and don’t let anything stop you from taking steps toward your goals, your dream life!  You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends and those who will be touched/inspired by seeing you move closer to your dream life.

Don’t hold your gifts inside.  Your first step is to “go deep” and figure out what brings you the most joy in your life and where you want to increase the happiness or peace in your life.  After you figure out where you want to make changes, find one small thing you can do to get closer to your ideal life.  Signing up for an Audible membership and listening to podcasts (free) were the small steps I took in the beginning to get me motivated and give me ideas on how to move closer to my dream life.  Sign up to receive more inspiration at LifeHopes.com/freebie.  Reach out to me and let me know your thoughts on this article MindyNHope@gmail.com.

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