What Is Life Design?

Life design is about living your life intentionally. When I found myself sitting in a cubicle every day, working to meet a quota, and wanting to scream, I knew I had to make a change. I’m thankful that my discomfort lead me to pursue what God put in my heart, to build others up and help them discover a life of joy and peace by living a more intentional life.

What is Life Design?

  • Searching your soul for what you really want out of life
  • Taking action to follow your dreams
  • Conquering fear and doubt
  • Obliterating excuses for why you can’t have the life of your dreams
  • Refusing to accept that you have to work a job where you are miserable just to survive and support your family
  • Setting goals and working toward them
  • Creating a life where you wake up each day and feel excited instead of dread!

Want to know more about life design? Hop on over to https://calendly.com/mindyhope/20-minute-call to set up a time to have a free chat with Mindy Hope, your life design coach. Let’s chat about your dream life!

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